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The most successful business projects are always those that are driven by an employee who has the authority, vision and influence to drive the required changes in a business. It is highly unlikely that a business owner (decision maker or similar) will realize the changes unless usually found within a company focused on day-to-day operations. Due to this requirement within more significant business change projects / programs, outside expertise is often sought from firms which can bring this specific skill set to the company.


Planning is all about bringing the organization goals into reality, planning involves the creation and maintenance of a plan. The thought process is very essential to the creation and refinement of a plan or integration of it with the other plans, we help companies making forward plans which helps them understanding and give them better forecast of complicated scenario and on how to react to them


Making plan doesn’t make it all happens itself, implementing such plan is one of the most complicated jobs most organization faces in a real world. Implementing is the realization of an application or execution of plan, getting all plans in a proper places is like a solving a jigsaw, where experts at Berkshire solutions will step in and make sure that plans are executed at a right time.


Integration is bringing together sub systems and sub units into one systems or unit and ensuring that the sub systems factions together as one system. System integration is not always about bring together all the sub systems but also adding values to the existing and making it interact with other system. We have designated system engineers who often take charge and make sure things get going smooth as it should be.


Software testing if process of validating and verifying that a software programme or application
• Meets the requirement that guided its design and development
• Works as expected
• Can be implemented with the same characteristic
We uses agile methodology to make sure different software development models goes in the hands of the developer, before it reaches a formal team of testers.


Before handling the complete product we make sure it has been send for Validation which ensure that the product actually meets the users requirements and that the specification are correct as per companies expectation. It also helps the companies that the product, as provided, will fulfil its intended use.


Once product is tested and completed we provide the documentation to the product or services we have supplied which normally have detailed description on how software is designed, how to install software on a target device, and any known defects and work around. This document enables future developers and maintainers to come up to speed on the software in a timely manner, and also provides a roadmap to modifying code or searching for bugs.


The complexity and variability of software products has necessitated the creation of specialized roles of coordinating and engineering the deployment process, we at Berkshire solutions take charge of deployment as it is unique to every organization depending on their requirements. Deployment takes several interrelated activities with possible transitions between them, we make sure that the product has been deploys as agreed and keep it simple.


Developing a new software project could be nightmare for certain organization as it takes lots of training and new equipments and machineries etc. and very often companies do requires to modify the product as part of changing demands of the services or adding values to the existing products. We can help organization maintain their existing products where It’s more Adaptive which will help the current system to cope with changes in the software environment and be more perfective where implementing new or changed user’s requirements which concern functional enhancements to the software, also diagnosing and fixing the problems very often found by users and Prevent problems in the future.


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