With continuous growth and development and extravagantly demand in the global market we have appended number of services to our existing ones. With our global reach and continuously commitment to our clients for improved services we are proud to offer the following services.

IT Training:

With offer complete corporate training also one to one basis, We have been providing training to executives and high profiles to get that extra edge and to sharpen their current knowledge, we make sure with improved training we keep you up with your current profile or to improve add values to your current knowledge bank. From Basic training to advance we have everything for you to offer. Please contact one of our advisors to know what we have to offer you.

Online Training:

Sometimes it gets difficult to learn at work place or to visit our well presented training halls, don’t worry we have something for you too. We have been providing online training to our clients on regular basis, we uses the best software that will make you feel like home services and at the same time professional with the benefit of the top trainers who has been providing training for years. Please contact our team for any inquiries or training whether its corporate or individuals we have something for you.

Refresher training:

Rapid changes in technology may force companies to go in for this kind of training. By organizing short term courses which incorporate the latest developments in a particular field the company may keep its employees up to date and ready to take on merging challenges. It is conducted at regular intervals by taking the help of outside consultants who specialize in a particular area.

Cross functional training:

Cross functional training involves training employees to perform operation in areas other than their assigned job. There are many approaches to cross functional training. Job rotation can be used to provide a manager in one functional area with a broader perspective than he would otherwise have. Departments can exchange personnel for a certain period so that each employee understands how other departments are functioning. High performing workers can act as peer trainers and help employees develop skills in another area of operation.

Team training:

Team training generally covers two areas: content tasks and group processes. Content tasks specify the team’s goal such as cost control and problem solving. Group processes reflect the way members function as a team – for example how they interact with each other, how they sort out differences, how they participate etc


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